All the World’s a Festival


Looks to be a couple of interesting weeks ahead on the literary festival circuit.  International voices coast to coast.  Let’s start in the East – PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature looks like it’ s going to be a veritable who’s who from lit circles around the world.  I am sad that I cannot attend, especially to see Adam Gopnik talk with recent Nobel winner Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio.   Oh, and the translation slam where translators show their goods is always a highlight. I couldn’t possibly forget to mention the PEN Caberet which is showcasing the likes of Lou Reed and Parker Posey(I am not quite sure how they relate to international literature, but what the hell, a festival IS a festival, after all).  And don’t think that NYC is grabbing all the limelight.   Closer to home here, Los Angeles Festival of Books is spicing up their usual suspect stable of writers with a few international writers this year, including Muriel Barbery andUwem Akpan(looking forward to reading his short story collection).  Having reviewed Muriel Barbery’s The Elegance of the Hedgehog, I am excited to be attending a special NEA fundraiser in honor of Muriel Barbery(thanks for the invite to Michael Reynolds of Europa).  It’s inspiring to see Festivals on both coasts celebrating literature from around the world and opening up the conversation on what the identity of fiction really means.  I advise you to get your litkickers on and enjoy the festivals.(And don’t forget the sunscreen.)

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