The Week in Links – 10.14.11-10.21.11

It’s been a great week for international literature, but more importantly, for Iceland.  Talk about coverage.  There’s the current issue of Words Without Borders, a spate of posts over at Three Percent and Amazon Crossing’s commitment to publish at least ten titles from Iceland.  Holy Bjork.  Oh, and let’s not forget Iceland is being honored at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Had enough of Iceland, how about checking out the new German Book Prize Winner


Jose Manuel Prieto talks books in Castro’s Cuba.

Wall Street and Walser, Occupied.


Sorokin at Stanford

Really great interview with Adrienne Celt of Hayden’s Ferry Review about translation in lit journals…she was in my writing workshop this summer and she is one smart cookie.


Besides all that linkage, e-met the world’s foremost Peter Handke expert, Mike Roloff.  Finished up reading Leeches.  Began working as an ambassador for Archipelago Books and if you don’t know about them, you should. 

Read wisely, life is short.

Before I go, let me leave with a hilarious vid of Bjork talking about her television.  Check out her silver leggings!


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