The Week in Links – 11.18.11-11.25.11

The Week in Links 11.18.11-11.25.11

You caught me. I went fishing last week and this week. But on Black Friday, I return with a new collection of links to ponder while you’re waiting in line to buy that $100 flat screen.

Asymptote makes my heart race with this excerpt from Robert Walser’s Full due out in January
from NYRB.

The Guardian gives the spotlight to a few authors to wax on about  their favorite books this year
…diverse choices (many memoirs) as well as the expected. You can join in on the debate, too.

A history of cars

The Week in Links – 10.29.11-11.4.11

Week in Links

The City and the Writer: In Dubai with Nujoom Al-Ghanim Words Without Borders focuses on the writer today in the city of Dubai.

Ruth Franklin, Irmgard Keun and Amos Oz:
Yes, Over at The New Republic, the esteemed Ruth Franklin discusses the politics of Amos Oz and Irmgard Keun. So good.

Messud and Amos Oz 
in the NYT Books section this Sunday. Can’t wait!

The Racy Madame Bovary Don’t act like you don’t know she
was all vamp and tramp. At least, according to this pulp cover!

Have you read any …

The 5-1: Get to Know Translator Elizabeth Harris

5-1 Questionnaire

Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth Harris has translated Italian authors like Domenico Starnone, Mario Rigoni Stern, Giulio Mozzi, and Marco Candida. Her recent translations appear in The Missouri Review, The
Kenyon Review
, and Words Without Borders, as well as in Dalkey Archive’s Best European Fiction 2010 (Mozzi) and Best European Fiction 2011(Candida).

1.Name your 5 favorite translated books:
Achh! Hard! The older translations of these aren’t considered the most “accurate.” But I fell in love with the authors with these translated versions, and it’s hard to …

In Red by Magadalena Tulli

Magdalena Tulli~Poland

Anyone who makes it to Stitchings appreciates its promising misty grayness and the moist warm breeze in which desires flourish
so handsomely. A wide choice of furnished rooms with all the modern conveniences, and homemade meals available just around the corner, cheap and filling. Daybreaks and sunsets at fixed times. A
moderate climate, flowers throughout the year. It’s well worth making the long steamboat journey, putting up with seasickness, till the port of Stitchings comes into view crowded with freighters
flying various flags. Or for the same number of days rattling along in a train, dozing form tedium, rocking to the rhythmic clatter of the wheels. The visitor–for instance a traveling salesman with
a valise bursting at the seams, as if instead a few …